My Sister's Keeper

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Who are we? We are your neighbors, regular people, people in high public offices, people who have lived in the streets...we encompass a group of many walks of life..but with a common bond...
That bond is Love.
That bond of brothers and sisters who love our neighbors enough to help them. We are bonded by our spiritual values and belief that OUR path is standing in the gap for others in prayer and in life, standing up for what is right, being active advocates for those who need us, people who KNOW that our time, our money, our sacrifice to help mend brokenness, be a light in a dark world, give a message of hope to the our duty as believers..and honors our Heavenly Father..
Daily we take up our cross.
We walk in our God-given authority to be vessels of change to the broken, hurting, lonely, poverty-stricken, lost AND regular people..who are struggling.
We are faithful.We are committed to loving each other despite our differences. We are are fierce thru Him who dwells in us. We are believing and seeing great and miraculous transformations in people's our community..and beyond. 
My Sister's Keeper became a 501c3 non-profit organization in 2015. Our purpose is to help prevent and educate, shelter and aid women and children of mental, sexual and physical abuse, victims of sexual crime/sexual trafficking, the homeless, people in transition from drug addiction or jail. We try to help anyone in need.
Our vision is to expand our programs and services by providing more housing or apartments in the future. Our goal is to provide individualized therapeutic evidence-based programs to obtain successful, long term results to enrich and empower women's lives. Our goal is to make a true change in our community. Our goal is to promote true healing and change through Biblical principals. Our goal is to impact law, school and government to change laws that no longer work and lobby for funding of more programs to educate the public about domestic violence prevention, healthy relationships, child and elder abuse, sexual trafficking, drug addiction, expanded job and family skills training programs. Our overall goal is to see a better tomorrow for everyone.

My Sister's Keeper began in 2007, although, it did not have a name. The group privately helped shelter and aid women and children of abuse  for many years before we ever became organized. In 2010 Love Thy Neighbor was created as a community group. We had many public programs such as: food, clothing, air conditioning and heat programs, educational classes, help for homeless people, nursing home ministering, mentor programs for children, Christmas gifts for children, abused women and homeless people...and more. Love Thy Neighbor never really talked about abuse nor prevention, however, we consistently were helping the abused on a regular basis. As the years passed, what we noticed was the same people were coming to us, year after year in the same poverty, needing the same help. We began to pray. God answered our prayer. The book "When helping Hurts" came out, it was like a light came on for us. We needed to provide more prevention, education and programs to stop these cycles. Abuse is still a problem rarely talked about. These factors led to the birth of My Sister's Keeper.
It is time to bring an end to the silence of abuse. It is time to stand together to stop cycles of unhealthy relationships and poverty. 

Our organization began under the 501c3 under Christians Living Proof Ministries. Together, we served as a missions at home ministry. Recently, we transitioned to 501c3 covering under Zero Hundred Hours in August of 2016 to continue our growth and service to the Lord.
My Sister's Keeper opened our 1st transition home for women and children in Feb/2016.

To date we are currently under construction building another place of safety, transformation and love..we hope to be finished with our new place before winter.
My Sister's Keeper works with law enforcement, DHR and other non-profits for the good of the people who need help. We welcome volunteers and unity with other non-profits or churches.
Our organization follows a faith-based belief system. To sum it up..we follow Bible principals..and live our lives according to:

Mark 12:30-31

30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.

31 And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these.