My Sister's Keeper

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Mission Statement

When you fall, I will pick you up. You are not alone.. Empowering victims and survivors thru Christ.

Our Women and Children's Center
Who do we help?
Victims of mental, physical and emotional abuse, homeless, women below certain income levels, victims of sexual crime, women re-entering society from jail or rehab...if we have the space..we try to help everyone who asks.
 My Sister's Keeper Women's Center is currently under construction.

Our Board decided it would be more economical to OWN our own facility. At this time, we meet needs by placing our clients in short term housing until a longer term option is available until our construction is complete.

Our Programs
We have various programs to fit the individuals needs. Our goal is to help those who stay at the Center become healthy in all aspects of life: Mind, Body and become independent, productive members of society, who have the knowledge to live stable, joyful lives, in harmony with others..experiencing healthy relationships with all people. It is our goal to see our women and children leave our homes, well equip to be successful and empowered in the paths they are most passionate about, We encourage and support giving back to our community in their own special way. It is our goal to begin a cycle of women empowering women, people empowering all aspects of life.

My Sister's Keeper is a missions at home program, that will hopefully increase to help others worldwide in the future..It is our goal to unify all people for the common goal of worshiping God together as one people...and by covering the needs of the community by way of shelter, aid, education and programs to make lasting changes to their working with other organizations to accomplish these goals together, by partnering our purposes to be used for His divine will and work to fulfill ..Loving our Neighbor as our-self.  All programs are based on healthy lifestyles based on Biblical Principals and faith. We appreciate any sponsorship, as we refuse any funding that would restrict teaching about God .  For these reasons, it is important to have your if you those who desperately need it..thanks !

To Donate click on the Paypal Donation Button Below/You do not need a PayPal account to donate.

Current Needs

We are currently asking for Sheetrock, wallboard, ceiling tile, a exterior door ..and any building supplies and/or volunteers..

Contact 256 339 5631 to donate. We will come pick up donations. All Donations are tax deductible

We consider ANY help a blessing...thanks !